When to Use Dedicated Landing Pages

The marketing and media industry as a whole has repeated the same message over and over to marketers regarding paid web advertising – don’t send people to a page on your site (homepage, about page, contact page, etc.)

The philosophy behind the idea is that paying for unique keyword advertising but sending people a generic solution is a recipe for bad marketing and little-to-no conversions. Although, the truth is there’s no “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach for paid web advertising.

If you or your agency is working to set up landing pages and are wondering when it’s right to use a dedicated landing page, here’s a bit of advice:

What is a Dedicated Landing Page?

A dedicated landing page is a webpage meant to serve a single purpose for a particular marketing campaign. Let’s use an example to demonstrate:

Suppose you own a grocery delivery company that operates in 35 different cities throughout the U.S. Your homepage and about page describe your business and where you operate, but the keywords and marketing message aren’t focused enough to display for Google searches on “Grocery delivery in Minneapolis”. Even if it did, your homepage, about page, or contact page probably aren’t the best place to send people to convert as a customer.

This is a prime example of a business that should be using a dedicated landing page. A dedicated landing page uses very specific heading and body copy with the intent of appearing for very specific Google searches.

A great dedicated landing page for this business would have a title of “Quickest Grocery Delivery Service in Minneapolis, MN” with short body copy about the company and a webform for signup.

When to Use a Dedicated Landing Page

Dedicated landing pages are powerful tools, but they’re often overused. Some businesses go so far as to create thousands of dedicated landing pages for every possible search result and dilute their ad spending between them all. But is that really the best approach? These are our thoughts:

  •  Specific Campaign Need

When we use the word campaign, we’re referring to a sequence of marketing actions intended to drive users towards an ultimate goal (more web traffic, conversions, feedback, research, etc.) Specific campaign needs are an excellent time to use dedicated landing pages.

In the prior example, the specific campaign our afore-mentioned landing page would be used for would be an “increase trial signups in Minneapolis” campaign. Dedicated landing pages allow businesses to target campaign goals and specific subsets of visitors without modifying the content of their primary site.

  •  Increasing Interaction & Engagement

Do you remember the cardinal “3-click-rule” of digital marketing? The idea was the users need to be able to get to the content they need within a maximum of 3-clicks.

Well forget it… It’s dead, and it’s not cool anymore. Sliced bread has reclaimed its kingship.

Most of today’s web users aren’t even patient enough to wait for 3-clicks before they get to relevant content. After all, why would I browse your site 3-clicks deep trying to find if you deliver groceries in the Minneapolis area if there’s 5-10 other direct, concise landing pages offering me a grocery delivery solution on my first Google search? (Sorry for all the grocery references, I just remembered I have to go get groceries.)

Dedicated landing pages help to increase interaction and engagement by giving people the content they need immediately. If the success of your marketing campaign hinges on users interacting or engaging with certain content, building it into a dedicated landing page is a great way to do that.

  •  Capturing Lead Info

One of the major reasons to use a dedicated landing page is for capturing anonymous lead info. Dedicated landing pages make it incredibly easy to capture lead info, as you can use the web pages to offer free content or solutions for a name and email. This allows you to create a direct connection between your email marketing campaigns and anonymous visitors.

To Sum It Up

Dedicated landing pages are great, but there’s a time and place for them. Don’t haphazardly create hundreds of landing pages for various keywords without a specific campaign-oriented goal in mind. Use dedicated landing pages to capture anonymous lead info with strategically placed web forms, and to increase web engagement by offering users specific content for each landing page based on targeted keywords.

If you need help with building landing pages and don’t know what the best hosting and development solutions are, reach out to us at KudosCode! We’ve helped many creative agencies, marketing companies, and businesses with similar projects and would love to hear about your marketing and development goals!

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