People across the globe have been spending more time online than ever — in fact, in 2020, U.S. adults spent nearly 8 hours daily in the presence of online media, and due to the global pandemic, this number only keeps increasing. For a business, catering to such audiences is not an easy job, hence it is important to find great tools that can help us be more efficient and productive. In this article, we are presenting to you IFTTT, a low-cost tool that can make you more efficient and more effective.

So what is IFTTT?

“Not every thing on the internet plays nice, so we’re on a mission to build a more connected world that works for you.” – IFTTT team

IFTTT is a service that lets you connect apps, services, and smart home devices. In a nutshell, you can easily automate actions between different apps or services that you would otherwise have to do manually – allowing you to build a scalable marketing strategy by automating different functions within your business on one platform. From content to social media and email marketing, you can make all of it work together.

Fun fact: IFTTT derives its name from the programming conditional statement “if this, then that.”

For a more detailed tutorial on setting up IFTTT and navigating the service, you can also watch this video.

With custom “Applets” allowing you to link different Services together, you can set specific actions and triggers connecting hundreds of services in the IFTTT ecosystem – Slack, Dropbox, Github, Evernote, Google Drive, Alexa, Stripe, Twitter, iPhone Reminders, etc. Just name it, there is a good chance they have already integrated with IFTTT. So, for example, as described by the Canva team, you might set up an Applet of “If I post a blog post to my website, then post a link on my Twitter page.” Or “If I get a new email subscriber, then add all information to a Google Spreadsheet for tracking.”

You can accelerate your output, save time and energy and spread your presence across different platforms. All that, from a single interface. What is more, you can use IFTTT to build a smart home that responds to every cue – from locking your front door to welcoming the delivery person.

Established companies and startups alike need to increase customer engagement across their digital channels to drive premium conversions and maximize lifetime value. But building product features to improve engagement is slow, risky, and time-consuming. Connect to IFTTT and quickly increase engagement by extending the capabilities of your product by embedding the functionality of any of 650+ brands directly into your customer-facing apps. IFTTT Connect is a flexible API and SDK package that empowers your business to bring any of the 600+ services on IFTTT directly into your app, emails, and website with embeddable connections.

IFTTT was launched ten years ago with the idea of helping people manage and connect web services without needing coding skills. Today, they do so much more. They are helping complex ecosystems connect in a simple way and enabling businesses to build more efficient relationships with their customers and the people around them. Is your business ready to connect?

To learn more about IFTTT, visit their website:

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