How To Lower Web Development Costs

Anytime you talk about outsourcing an activity, everyone gets nervous about what it’s going to end up costing. Unfortunately, people never think of web development as being “cheap”. Of course, most of the costs associated with web development are going to rely on who you end up hiring and the scope of work you’re hiring them to take care of. Small web development projects will be much cheaper than full-scale web development needs, and even amongst some of the more demanding types of projects, prices may vary drastically.

Lowering Outsourced Web Development Costs

If you are hiring out web development to a company or individual, you’ll need a reasonable budget. Be realistic when budgeting up front in terms of what you expect to pay for the work your company needs done. Do some research, talk to other companies, and speak to various web development firms so you can get a grasp on what it will realistically end up costing you.

However, while there is a cost threshold you’ll almost certainly meet for any project, there are various steps you can take as a creative agency, marketing firm, or other business to lower your overall outsourced web development costs. Here are a few tips on how to lower your web development costs:

Timely Communication

“I thought we were talking about pricing?”

Well, when it comes to web development, communication between you and your development agency are going to be 100% tied to your pricing. Here’s why:

Working with a developer isn’t just a “passing of the baton” to the next person in line. Development requires interaction and timely feedback on design and development elements. Failure to provide feedback or communicate with your developer throughout the process may lead to delays or extra costs associated with re-doing things that could’ve been discussed earlier.

If you’re working with an outsourced web developer, make sure you are communicating in a timely manner and reviewing all elements as they are sent to you.

Scope Out Future Versions

This is super important to do. Development doesn’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) be a one-time service. As your product or brand scales, so should the features included in your web application.

You more than likely have a million ideas on what features would be “nice to have” in your software, but make sure your initial development includes the bare necessities for functionality. This can help to get your software, website, or product running quickly and efficiently at a low initial cost. You can then use analytics insight and use cases to figure out what should be added in future versions. But don’t try to get 150% of your “ideal” developed in the first iteration.

Blueprint Your Own Software Requirements

Many businesses rely on the dialogue between them and their developer to reveal how the software should work. Sometimes that’s necessary – if you absolutely need the input of someone else to come up with ideas on functionality of the software, that’s great.

But if your creative agency has a strong idea regarding the end objectives of the development, spend more time before you hire a developer mapping out how everything needs to work. The more direction your developer has from the get-go, the less money will be spent in initial planning phases.

The Broader Solution

Are you noticing an overarching theme with all these points? Most extra costs associated with development are due to poor communication and planning, and these aren’t always your fault. Developers communicate differently than creative agencies and frequently this is an issue of disconnect and misunderstanding. So what’s the best solution to lowering web development costs?

Find a developer who can be in communication with your team from the conception of the project. Having a developer that can sit in on the conversations between you and your client from the beginning will mean way less “fumbling” later on.

This is what KudosCode specializes in. We serve as a translator between the right brain (creatives) and left brain (developers) to create real solutions while eliminating unnecessary communication gaps and misunderstandings.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions! Our team is incredibly knowledgeable and we’d love to hear from you regarding your next development project and provide insight on how you can lower your costs.


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