EP02: Grant Henry @ Brio Marketing

Welcome to Episode #2.

This month we had the pleasure of hosting Grant Henry on the KudosCode podcast, Chief of Business Development, Financial Wizard, Web Strategist, and King of Zoho at Brio Marketing, a full-service creative studio helping nonprofits and social enterprises build and strengthen relationships with supporters and partners through relationship marketing and technology.

Grant loves working with entrepreneurs and leaders of purpose-driven businesses, dreaming big to find creative answers to their toughest challenges. In this episode, we break down entrepreneurship, impact making, leadership, marketing, and so much more – offering listeners a unique insight into Brio’s secret sauce and their partnership with KudosCode.

Here are just a few of the many things we cover in our conversation:

  • What is Brio Marketing and what is the story behind their brand?
  • Grants Jazz background and passion for music
  • The importance of having a great business partner and his relationship with Emma Tuftin, his co-founder and “partner in crime”.
  • The power of a strategy playbook and helping clients find strategic solutions for their problems
  • Making a change with an impact-driven organization
  • Experience working with KudosCode
  • The biggest challenges of working with clients in todays pandemic-oriented world
  • Handling the growth while making an impact
  • Lessons learned through the entrepreneurial journey
  • Providing unique value to clients

"Brand identity sits at the foundation of tactical channels of advertising. Marketing strategy always starts with the brand."

Grant Henry @ Brio Marketing Group Tweet

Our conversation is concluded with a light round of fun questions where Grant talks about his favorite song from the 90s, three words used to describe the Brio Marketing team, his irrational fears, etc.

We hope that you will enjoy it.


Relevant Links:

Brio Marketing (

Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm (

They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse In Your Soul (YouTube)


Check our latest episode below.

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