EP01: Justin M. Bieganek @ Mercury Creative Group

Welcome to Episode #1.

We are proud to introduce you to our first podcast episode. 

Starting with 2021, KudosCode will leverage the rising podcasting industry to help our network grow, educate the members of our community and shed some light on amazing creative agencies in our ecosystem. Our very first guest is Justin M. Bieganek, the founder and Creative Director of the Mercury Creative Group, a Minneapolis-based creative agency and a group of brand strategists, designers and developers working together to create marketing solutions that are relevant and focused on their clients’ objectives.

Meet Justin @ Mercury:

Justin is a fearless team leader and creative strategist who shared his story with us and talked about the challenges and the rewards of running a creative digital agency – a lot to learn from a very brief but empowering conversation. But Mercury Creative Group is more than just an inventive group of people. They are a collective of growth enablers that is not afraid of creative trials and enjoys helping companies nurture their true purpose. As Justin has explained it in this episode, next to lack of awareness in the market, their clients usually approach them when they are losing revenue, market share, or even members of their community. Sometimes they just need help with educating their employees about the brand direction. No matter what the goal is, Mercury utilizes creative ways to help its clients bring clarity out of chaos.

"We leverage the power of the organization and the brand, identify their true purpose and then connect them to their audience. And we help really elevate their brand so they can truly take their organization to another level."

In this new COVID-shaped, fast-paced, world where everyone is juggling more tasks and responsibilities than ever, Justin found some peace and strength by utilizing a strategy of creating more whitespace on the calendar for himself, his clients, and team members – free time they can use to reflect on their tasks, grab some food or just efficiently recharge their inner batteries so they can be more powerful at making a creative impact. While it may seem like a practice that is hard to adapt, the key to productivity is mindfulness – finding our creative lucidity in that balance between work and those few minutes of rest we need to every day sharpen our output ax and hit more professional targets.

As an intuitive empath who understands people and their needs, Justin also understands the importance and the power of elementary human skills and gives credit to his parents for some of his valued social abilities. For example, his mom and dad taught him a lot about the power of a gift of a handwritten note and a good handshake, two people skills that may seem simple but mean a lot in the business world. In most cases, it is those small things that demonstrate the most strength, care and assuredness. As entrepreneurs, we have to care about people and do our best to use different skills and tools to make an impact and organize our work.

Trusting your ideas, relentless execution and never giving up are Justin’s three keys to success. From sharing his tips and experience to discussing ways to deal with different obstacles and going through our exciting round of blitz questions, Justin discusses numerous interesting topics and shares great tips with our audience as a true champ of our very first podcast episode. 


To learn more and get insight into his mind, check our episode below.

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