We want to make managing your clients’ websites as easy as possible.  It’s part of our mission to bring clarity to agencies.

With our new KudosCode Dashboard, you can quickly access the details you need to keep projects on track, and your clients happy.


Pinch & Zoom

Our DashboardBETA is currently optimized for Desktop views.

We noticed you’re on your phone, so just pinch & zoom the screenshots below to get a better look.

Back to basics.

Managing web development projects can be overwhelming and full of little details.  Sometimes, too many details.

That’s why our dashboard is pared down to show you only the information you need to move work forward.

Your Clients, at a glance.

See a list of all your clients and their respective projects and website support queues.

Web Projects, simplified.

Quickly see latest updates, open tasks for your agency, project milestones, agreements, and invoices – all in one place.

Centralized Messaging.

Communicate with our team on open tasks and support tickets through a single platform. Clear visibility and easy follow-up on your client’s email requests, too.

Hassle-Free Web Support.

Submit and track support requests for your clients’ sites, keep an eye on billings, and manage passwords on file for streamlined service.

Custom Support Email Address

A dedicated, white-label support email address that routes directly to our team.  We’ll handle your clients’ ad-hoc requests behind the scenes.

A word from our team


"With over 15 years of experience building websites and applications, we understand that smart systems change everything. That's why we set out on a journey to create tools and services to make the lives of our agency partners easier - so they can focus more on what they love to do. We welcome your feedback as we continue striving to achieve this goal."

Michael Schwengel
CEO and Founder

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