3 Tips for More Targeted WordPress Writing

Writing is difficult, plain and simple. And it’s not due to the actual difficulty of writing content, but more to do with the motivation to even get started. There’s a ton of factors between coming up with topics, to starting a post, to dealing with the CMS you’re posting in that can all deter you from wanting to even get started.

If you’re a creative agency writing blogs and doing copy-writing services for clients’ WordPress websites, or a freelance blogger looking for a couple quick tips on blogging, here are a few ways you can start to write more targeted WordPress posts:


3 Tips for More Targeted WordPress Writing

WordPress has sort of become the king of blogging and website SEO. It’s efficient, simple, and easy to work with. But there are a couple things you can do to start writing more targeted WordPress posts so you can hit the keywords your client’s traffic will be searching for.

Here is a short summary of some of the most important things:

Short Paragraphs

This is a twofer when it comes to WordPress blog posts. Firstly, small paragraphs can actually help with creativity flow. Going on and on about the same thing in one paragraph is creatively draining and often puts people in a hazy cloud of writer’s block.

Secondly, short paragraphs help with conversion. People treat paragraphs like bullet points – they look at the header and/or the first sentence and move on. If you have multiple points to make, break them up in multiple separate paragraphs to increase engagement and conversions.

People Don’t Care About You

“Ouch… What’s that have to do with anything?”

We’re sure your friends and family love you and everything your company is doing, but when it comes to blog posts, viewers don’t want to hear about what your company is doing and all of a product’s features – they want to hear how it will impact them.

If you are writing WordPress blog posts about a particular product or feature your company is offering, write it from the standpoint of what your target audience wants to hear – not from a 3rd grade “Show-And-Tell” approach. Readers get bored hearing a thousand and one ways your company is saving the world’s problems. They want to know, “How does this affect (and benefit) me, right now?”

Build CTA’s in WordPress

CTA’s, or Calls-to-Action are simply a way of asking your target audience to take some action. If you don’t know a whole lot about this, reach out to us and we’d be happy to help!

(See what we did there?)

You’re giving them information and a demonstration on why your product or feature is solving their problems – now you need to offer them the solution through engagement.

There’s no specific formula for a CTA. It could be a simple “reach out to us” blurb like demonstrated above, or you could use some of the text building features of WordPress to include a CTA button in the middle or end of your blog post to catch a readers’ attention.

Wrapping It Up

Have you noticed a pattern yet? People get so wrapped up in the “what” of what they want to write on and never worry about the delivery. All above points are about delivery.

Regardless of how much time you put into your post, readers will overlook the bulk of it in search of quick takeaways in the form of paragraphs, bullet points, and headers. Make your paragraphs small and target your sentences towards key points.

Use your writing to convey how your product, feature, service, or information affects your reader. Don’t go on and on about every feature and niche of your product if it has no actionable relevance to your reader.

Lastly, use strategically placed CTA’s in your blog posts to give your readers the opportunity to take action and solve their issues. We recognize that not everyone is writing about an issue that requires a “contact our sales team” response, but a CTA can be anything – a form, a suggested blog post, a phone call, etc or just reach out to us. Get creative and think of ways you can have your audience engage with your website and/or brand through CTA’s in your blog posts!


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