3 Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Working directly with creative agencies, we can notice and analyze changes related to promotional and technological demands and objectives. With the recent outbreak of the global pandemic, in addition to human adaption to these circumstances, it is more than obvious that marketing trends are also changing across the world. As our living habits evolve and different global developments shape the way we live our life, new expectations and demands are being established in the market. Here are three marketing trends that everyone should follow in 2021:

Digital transformation will accelerate

The way we live our life, socialize and conduct business has completely changed. These new society standards have pushed people to start spending more time on their computers and digitalize their identity. For industries across the globe, this means expanding their presence online – a growing playfield marketing agencies need to explore in 2021.

“Digital transformation will continue to be a focus in 2021, as companies realize that we may never go back to “business as normal.” Companies across every industry will continue to lean into digital technology, and the way we operate will also continue to change. Agility in all facets of business, especially marketing, will be a key to success”. – Jason Wulfsohn, AUDIENCEX (for Forbes)

Improving efficiency with automation

Managing different tools and trying to reach customers across different platforms is not easy. Thankfully, the internet is full of automation tools – from social media and task management to communication and analysis. What is more, often these tools offer free packages to users with humble needs. Marketing agencies can and will easily use them to save time, accelerate their output and reach more audiences.

“By far the largest marketing trend we are seeing for 2021 is the accelerated adoption of automation. In 2020, marketers had to make do with less and so-needed tools that would allow them to carry out all their normal tasks while saving resources. However, even as budgets return to normal, expect to see marketers continue to embrace automation to improve efficiency and produce results”. – Jeremy Fain, Cognitiv (for Forbes)

The purpose as a key-value proposition

Customers are no longer just looking for products or solutions – they are also looking for values they can support and brands that are ambassadors of certain principles in the market. In 2021, marketing agencies will need to focus more on helping their clients clearly define their brand identity and the values they stand for in today’s world. In the end, instead of just building campaigns around promoting products, they will need to help clients focus more on the efficient promotion of these values.

“Meaning and purpose are the marketing trends that allow companies to transcend transactions. Knowing your “why” helps differentiate you from the competition and stand in an authentic place. That attracts customers. Coming from a place of purpose will drive marketing to new heights and bring customers better suited for what you have to offer”. – Lynne Golodner, Your People LLC (for Forbes)

This will be an important year for the marketing industry. In addition to the aforementioned trends, we will also witness the rise of AI, faster and more stable e-commerce solutions, easier ways to create engaging content, etc. All these things will shape the expectations of the customers hence change the way we do marketing and please the market.

To learn more, make sure to read “15 top marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2021” published by Forbes and written by Forbes Agency Council.

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